The Audiogram Wizard is one of our latest products. If you do not require the fully integrated ENT Database (with Audiogram Wizard built-in) but still want to create audiograms on your computer, the stand-alone Audiogram Wizard is your answer.

In the screenshot on the left, you can see Hadbai's Audiogram Wizard in action. It is very simple to use, simply type in your patients name, DOB and fill in the table. Then click "Draw". Then click "Print". A patient's audiogram printed created and printed in less than three minutes. Because of the way the Audiogram Wizard works, each audiogram takes up very little hard disk space indeed. A demo version for download without full functionality will be available to download soon.

The Audiogram Wizard represents great value for money. This is hardly surprising as the fully featured ENT Database costs as much as some competitors Audiogram only solutions!




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