The General Surgery database has the following features:

Stores names, addresses, and invoices for all your patients.
Auto-bill patients
Start typing the operation
The computer automatically fills in the rest!
Choose the correct operation from the list
Category, OPCS code and fees are filled in by the computer
Total is calculated instantly
Add other operations as necessary.
Keep track of the GPs you work with
Just type a code and the full name and address are pulled up by the computer
Search instantly for records
Record Diagnosis
Store and print history and examination

Print invoices
Print a list of patients who have not paid and the amounts owed
Print a list of patients who have paid
Print reminders automatically
Print invoices between two dates and by record number
Print private letters with headed paper generated for you, letters to patients, and follow up letters.

Keep track of your CME points, shares, expenses, salaries, and insurance policies!
Can be used with Windows 98, 95, and NT.
Supplied on CDROM for quick and easy installation.



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