Every project is individually priced. Generally the project will be priced according to expected sales and the amount of work involved. In this respect we must listen to a track before giving a quotation. Usually an MP3 would be good enough for evaluation (and we can do a remix from MP3, but CD is better quality). The starting prices range from a lump sum of several hundred pounds for a simple remix to several thousand pounds for a more complex track from a more established artist. In addition it is dependent on how many tracks you would like to be mixed. We can offer better rates if you wish to remix several tracks at once. We may very occasionally agree to do a remix on spec. Since we don't need to run a huge studio with loads of equipment that no-one uses, we can afford to keep our costs down. This money we save in overheads is passed on to you and means we offer unparalleled value for money compared to other remixing outfits.

On top of the lump sum, you might also need to pay a commission for every remix manufacturered. Commission will rarely be more than several percent. Commission is only part of the agreement if we expect there to be substanial sales. We can also create CD covers and booklets, to accompany any remix, but please note this will add to the cost. Hadbai also offer web design at lower rates for remix customers.

A client wishes to remix two tracks and expects to sell no more than 5,000 copies.
It is agreed after negotiation that the price per track will be 750 pounds and if more than 7,500 copies are sold then a commission of 4% per manufacturered record (after 7,500 copies) will be charged.


The quotations we give are valid for 30 days if circumstances remain the same. In general quotations should be valid for even longer, unless the artist's profile suddenly increases.