Welcome to remixmusic.co.uk run by Hadbai Limited a British based company. We offer several music remixing services.

Briefly we offer remix, mix compilation and mastering services. Firstly, this involves doing remixes. Give us a track and we'll remix it! Simple as that. Our prices are very competitive, and we do the remix in the style you want. The original track can be any style (not just a dance track). Secondly, we offer mix compilation services. Done totally digitally, the quality is fantastic, and far better than your average mixtape made on a cassette. Because it's done digitally there are never any mistakes, unlike on some professional mix CDs! Lastly, we can do limited mastering for a track. For more details about our remix, mix compilation and mastering services please click on "what we do". Also check out our Live DJ, if you have a party or club and want to hire one of the highest skilled DJs around DJ Maximus.

All mixing services are provided by SL Hadbai and DJ Voice. Please look around our website for further details on the remixing services offered or e-mail Hadbai now.